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Part One: The Tale of Fyrd

Day 1: With a son growing and some concern about my family’s safety from the Horde, I decided to join the fight. I knew Deputy Willem was recruiting for the effort, so I went to speak to him near the abbey. He suggested I talk to Marshall McBride to get started.

The Marshall was concerned about kobolds north of the abbey, so I went out to see what I could find. There were a bunch of them around, but they were cowardly buggers. I would fight with one and others would just walk by like it was nothing. Night was falling as I met the quota set by the Marshall, so I headed back to the abbey. Marshall McBride was pleased with my efforts and set me a new task: Investigate Echo Ridge to see how extensive the kobold menace might be. He also sent me to speak with Llune Beshere about training as a warrior. I learn a new battle shout to steel myself for battle.

That evening I spoke with Gothric Rothiger about repairing my gear, trading off some of the items I’d found on the kobolds to pay for the work, though I did keep several items that improved on my safety. Willem pulled me aside to mention some thieves across the creek were causing trouble. Also, a fellow by the name of Eagan Peltskinner was going on about his hatred of wolves. I offered to take out several while I was out the next day.

Day 2: I decided to go up to Echo Ridge today. I’d notice wolves the other day and managed to handle Eagan’s request while dealing with the Marshall’s questions about the kobolds. It was a rough day, but again, the kobolds and the wolves ignored me unless I started trouble. Eagan gave me a nice set of bracers for my trouble and the Marshall asked me to check out the Echo Ridge mine itself. A quick visit to Gothric later and I was in for bed.

Day 3: Having enough of kobolds for a while, I went across the creek to see what the thieves were doing. I managed to take several out before I ran into trouble. These fellows were more alert than I was used to, and while I was fighting one, another snuck up behind me. This was the toughest fight of my life, but I managed to best the two of them.

Still, finishing up a quick investigation, I reported back to Willem. He offered a bounty on Garrick Padfoot, the leader of the thieves, and asked me to talk to Milly Oswork about a problem she was having. Before meeting Milly, I went to talk to Llune again, picking up about charging and rending. Once again, I checked in with Gothric and settled in for the night.

Day 4: I’m going to finish with those thieves today. Milly had trouble bringing in her grape harvest because the thieves had taken over the vineyard. I figured I could handle this while I was looking after Garrick. I’d seen the vineyard yesterday, and it was full of thieves. It was easy enough to clear out enough thieves to harvest some grapes for Milly. Once I had this covered, I went to the shack Willem had mentioned. Garrick wasn’t home, so I settled in to wait. When he showed up, he had help, but I was able to take him down quickly before his companion could do me serious damage, then laid his companion out.

Milly was pleased with the results and gave me a manifest to take to a brother in the abbey. Willem was pleased as well. It was a long day, but a good one. Off to Gothric I went, then to bed.

Day 5: I was awake early today. The mine was infested with many kobolds, but they ignored me as before. I was able to get the information the Marshall needed quickly. He sent me on to see Marshall Dughan in Goldshire. Making my goodbyes to my wife and growing son, I left to continue my efforts for the Alliance.

On the road, I met a young man needing help getting a package to the innkeeper in Goldshire. He recommended I stay at the Lion’s Pride Inn. After an afternoon’s walk, I reached Goldshire and ran into Marshall Dughan in the town square. He asked me to look into the kobold problem again, this time at the Fargo Deep mine. On my way to the inn, a merchant named Remy said he’d heard I was going to Fargo Deep and asked me to collect gold dust from the kobolds while I was there. At this inn, another fellow named Pestle had a similar request regarding candles. Word gets around here!

At the inn, I arranged with the innkeeper to make my home there for now, dropped off the package for the young fellow, and looked around. The barkeep was nice enough to take some spare gear off my hands to help cover my room fee. I explored the inn and found folks willing to teach me first aid and cooking. These were interesting, but beyond my resources for now. This was quite a day. I’m off to bed again.

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