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According to Sturgeon's Law: "90% of everything is crap." In accordance with that, and setting aside proper knowledge of statistics, if I write ten things, one of them should be not-crap.

So here is my clever plan: Start ten projects. Have people vote with comments and dollars on where to focus my attention. Write something regularly so there is always fresh content to give people a reason to visit.

So if you like anything below, Nudge/Kick/Shock me, tell me what you liked, and point your friends to my site. I'll take requests into account, but also write whatever flows for me.

I've stopped posting unfinished work. There is no need to torture you nice people. My plan is to build up a reserve of finished work and then create a formal release schedule. If you like it, please drop me a dollar as a thank you. If this works to keep me eating (and with time to work on all this) I will post more stuff.

Project 1 - Gerald

This is an old short I wrote for a creative writing class. I could see it expanding, but I like it as it is.

Project 2 - MacFyrd

Turning World of Warcraft into fiction. I had a start at it, then stalled. I played more of the game and taken notes, but not written it up. STALLED - I dropped World of Warcraft for now. No time.

Project 3 - Rebeca

A NaNoWriMo project that stalled. A modern nearly-fantasy story about a young woman who doesn't quite fit the world. I have a lot of this in my head, very little on the computer.

Project 4 - Project Four

A former NaNoWriMo project about people with odd powers sharing an apartment building.

Project 5 - Untitled Modern

A story about a neighborhood that comes together when their local shops are threatened.

Project 6 - Successful Slacker

Just a seed of an idea at this point based on a dream about a slacker with impressive luck. He is successful because he makes the right choices, not because of real effort on his part.

Project 7 - Cookbook

Non-fiction! I have some ideas for good cookbooks focused on new cooks and people that don't really want to learn to cook, they just want to follow the recipes. I'd like to focus on single-serving cooking and fancy cooking for singles.

Project 8 - Political/Social Blog

Not so much a publishing project, but an excuse to write regularly. See information to the right.

Project 9 - Nachara

A systemless Role Playing and writing setting based on a world I have gradually developed over decades of game mastering and occasional writing.

I am starting up a casual game on Infrno to drive me to develop this more completely.

I need a couple more artists to do look into covering cultures (Hill people and Mountain people).

Project 10 - Farginbuk Games ™

One page (maybe both sides) rules sheets for games based on the components of games you already have. Cheapass did something like this, creating entirely new games and assuming you have most of the components. I'm going to create new-ish games that use the bits from specific games OR mash up two games just to see what happens. I plan to distribute them freeware on the principle that if you like it, send me a fargin buck and send it to folks who will also like it.

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